Hi. I’m Seth Greve. I’m no expert of any particular profession, hobby, or past-time. I just enjoy writing, and want to share the talent God has given me. I’m not the greatest writer, so feel free to constructively criticize my literature. You can reach me by email:
sethwgreve (at) icloud (dot) com

The Character Complex
There is a huge battle going on in our universe, and it’s not about you and me. God’s character, His throne, where justice and mercy are combined by a loving deity, is being contested. Satan claims that God is not just, and not merciful. Its your decision to determine whether or not God’s character is worthy of your worship. I chose to study and write about the character of God, and the process of Christ, the Son of God, working in us to emulate the Character of God. I call it the Character Complex.

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