Inspiration, Motivation, Action, Movement

Inspiration. No, not like prophetic inspiration. Inspiration from the experiences of life around you. Thats what keeps you going some times. Motivation. The force, either intrinsic or extrinsic, that drives you to do something. Action. Yes, the act of doing what that you were inspired and motivated to do.

Movement. Where am I going? Am I moving? Am I doing anything?

Yes. The answer is yes. This year at Matteson has made me think. And when I think, I get inspired. Inspired to work for God. Then I’m motivated to do something, and I do it. So on the 13th of November, I got on a plane and flew to Honduras. That was action, and movement. So, here I am. What am I doing here? I’ll get to that. First, I’ll tell you what I was actually doing in Norway.

Well these past couple months have been exciting. I went to Oslo with some of my classmates, Thierry, Christian, Johannes, Katie, Annie, and we spent some time with Ida. That was a blast, I best remember seeing Holmenkollen Ski Jump, the Opera House, and walking around downtown.

I went to Arvika, Sweden, our church plant, several times, once to do a health expo, some other times to visit the church, and the last time to also help with ADRA’s ingathering.

Just last weekend, we visited another church about 3 hours away in Kongsberg, Norway, where we did the church service, and I taught the Sabbath school. The topic was the Day of Atonement.

We had an Alumni weekend at the beginning of October, and an Inspiration Weekend at the end. Ernst Zwiker spoke about Jesus and Emotional Intelligence.

We have had Christian Home classes, learning about courtship and marriage, its been rather interesting. But it will be something to put all these skills to the test, which by now I have already done a lot of.

There was a concert by a well known Opera singer here in Norway, which we actually participated in. It was a benefit for ADRA, and we had the opportunity to sing in the choir, and do some of our own pieces. I played the guitar and sang Captivate Us. I really need to learn new music.

I was walking to the Granheim building one morning along the forrest path, and there is a new path that someone cut a couple years ago, by cutting down the young trees. However, when they cut them down, they left the stumps, these tiny little quarter’s width stumps all over the place. I thought, if I walk here at night, I won’t be able to see these, and I will stumble and fall over them. Thats kind of like if we try to navigate this world without Jesus’ light. We will just stumble fall. But it gets even better. If the person who cut the path had cut these trees out by their roots, it would have taken care of the whole problem. So if we let Jesus cut our sins and shortcomings out by the roots, we won’t have the same problems.

Well, I’m finishing this journal entry here in Honduras, because I haven’t gotten to write much between then and now. But here I have quite a bit of free time because when it gets dark, life pretty much comes to a stop. Thankfully, because of my job, I can charge my iPad and write in the evenings and mornings, after my devotions.

More later,


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